Introduction weekend 2019: Come join us!


Our Introduction Weekend 2019 will be held from 29 Nov to 1 Dec. Mark your calendars and join us as a staff or participant! The signup forms are below, remember to spread the news to those who might be interested. Why should you join, you ask? Well, here are a few reasons:

1) This year, we're doing it a bit differently. If you volunteer as a staff (you must have joined IW before), you will have the opportunity to get some training to improve your facilitation and pitching skills! This will help you during the IW and in your daily lives as well. #upskill yourselves!

2) Join us as a participant (you are between 17-24 year old) so you can understand for yourself what our Raleigh expeditions are and why it can be such a life-changing experience. We'll be posting some past IW participants' stories soon so tune in to our social media! #facebook #instagram

3) If you love adventure and the outdoors, this will provide you with some respite from the city! You'll get to enjoy nature at its best, with clean air and clear, refreshing rivers.

4) Meet like-minded people. Many of us have met friends for life in IW many years ago, after going through IW, expeditions and the monthly activities together. Many ex-Raleighians have also inspired each other in their careers and lives! The #network is wide and deep.

5) Give back to the environment and community by volunteering for a post-IW project (PIWP)! Every time we organise an IW, the participants are required and encouraged to organise a PIWP to serve a community or support an environmental project. We have several project partners in mind that need help, so join us to find out!