October 2018: Farm to Table @Seeds Malaysia

Come and learn composting with Seeds Malaysia! Founded none other than Razak & Intan the Raleigh Power Couple!

Learn tips and tricks to growing in our half-day workshops that includes a brief on sustainable green living, a tour of our veggie garden, aquaponics, hydroponics, green house, poultry, raised beds, eco office and more.


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December 2016: Beach Cleanup

What's better than spending your weekend by the beach while showing your love towards mother nature at the same time?! On the 17th of this month, come join us for a beach cleanup at the stunning Kelanang Beach, Kuala Langat!

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March 2015: Kayak Fun

Up for a fun-filled activity to kickstart your Sunday morning? Enough paddling your thoughts away and come join us for our March Monthly Activity: Kayaking!

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