March Monthly Meet 2019: Hike Bukit Batu Kumbang & Chenuang

Come join us for our latest monthly meet, where we'll be hiking Bukit Batu Kumbang and Bukit Chenuang! The trail will be roughly 8 hours long to-and-fro with stops in between. It will be an adventure -- and you will be rewarded with amazing views on top of the hill and along the way.

We will take a 2-hour hike to Bukit Chenuang and then another 2-hour hike to Batu Kumbang. So it will be around 8 hours up and down with stops in between. 

Date: 16 March 2019

Meet up point and time: 8am (Sungai Congkak Recreational Park)
*Please request for a pick up if you need from MRT SunTex at 7am sharp

Trail difficulty: 2 or 3 out of 10

Fee: RM35
Includes (permit, radio, first aid, lunch pack and trail blazer)