Join the first virtual AGM in Raleigh Kuala Lumpur on 26th June 2021!



Our 22nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 26th June! This will be our first fully virtual AGM in Raleigh Kuala Lumpur's history. If you have not signed up, hurry up and fill in the form below. 
If you have already signed up, we will be sending the necessary pre-reading materials to you shortly.
Annual General Meeting details:
Date: 26th June 2021, Saturday
Time: 2.00pm - 6.00pm
Venue: Virtual (Link will be shared once attendance is confirmed)
1.50pm - Participants login
2.00pm - Introduction
2.10pm - Review and adopt term RIKL's 20/21 report
3.40pm - Dissolution and election of RIKL Committee
5.50pm - Welcoming speech from the new committee
6.00pm - End of AGM
Also, we've attached an official invitation to our AGM, minutes for the AGM last year, our constitution and our audited financial accounts for you to review before the AGM. We look forward to seeing you soon!