E-mpact: Fundraising campaign by recycling e-waste

To raise awareness on e-waste (electrical and electronic waste) management, Raleigh Kuala Lumpur collaborates with Karun Hijau to organise E-mpact, a fundraising campaign by collecting e-waste devices for repair.
The fund will be channelled to Impian Kencana, an initiative that helps B40 teenagers in Klang Valley to overcome urban poverty through education. Read more about them at https://www.sedunia.me/campaigns/future-skills-education-for-ppr-students-in-klang-valley/about
Meanwhile, Karun Hijau will send e-waste for repair before handing them to the underprivileged students who need electronic devices for their studies.
This is how you can contribute to the initiative:
1. Gather your e-waste including phones, laptops, electronic appliances and so on.
2. Fill up the e-waste collection form at: https://bit.ly/3zshIlf
3. Karun Hijau will then contact you on WhatsApp within 3 days to arrange for pick up. The pick-up service applies nationwide! (except Sabah & Sarawak)
4. Share a picture of your donation and tag @raleighkualalumpur in either IG or FB!