MA November 2015: Caving

On the 28th of November 2015, a bunch of adventurous bunch of people decided to wake up real early in the morning to go caving in Batu Caves!

It was definitely a blast as before the adventure started, we had a 45 minute of educational tour around the cave and learnt many things from the cave ecosystem, to its formation and we even get to explore a part of the cave where oxygen was limited! According to our wonderful guide, he stated that in one of these caves, if he were to venture off deeply, he'd take on a lamp with him and if the fire gets dimmer and dimmer, that's when we know to turn back.

After feeding our brain with these new and interesting information, we hopped on straight to the adventure part! It took us about 3-4 hours of crawling, sliding, jumping, and lot's of splashing as well as there were pools of water collected here and there due to the rain water from above. All in all, it was definitely a blast and we hope the participants learnt a thing or two and enjoyed their Saturday!