IW AUG 2016: Staff Trainings

Introduction Weekend is coming up this August and we recently just finished both of our Staff Trainings! A great big thank you to everyone who signed up and attended both of the Staff Trainings and we hope the trainings will have indefinitely helped you to bring forward new learnt skills in the coming IW.

The first Staff Training was held in Kuala Kubu Bharu, on the 4th to 5th of June 2016, where the training focuses primarily on camp skills, team-building skills and craftmanship. The attendees learnt how to craft a table and chair from bamboo sticks (in which they've scouted and cut themselves), learnt the important and necessary knot-tying skills, undergone a few IW tasks to be more familiar with the concept and had a delightful BBQ at the end of the night to chill, relax and enjoy the surrounding nature with new & old Raleighians. 


The second Staff Training was held in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (in the city this time!) and this training focuses more on facilitation skills. We can all agree that the magic of Introduction Weekend happens during the tasks itself and our facilitators play a huge role in our participant's development, hence, why this workshop was needed! 

The atteendees learnt about the theoretical part of facilitation (this involves how to create a safe space, what to observe during tasks, what makes a great facilitator leader, etc) and the later part of the workshop focuses on the methodological part of facilitation where the attendees are involved in a few IW tasks and are required to put their newlearnt skill to use. Facilitation is not easy and it is better done than said, hence, practice is definitely the key here.

Both of the staff trainings ended pretty well! We are immensely grateful for the participants and we hope that these two staff trainings have imparted some knowledge which you can put to use in the next Introduction Weekend and in daily life as well. 

If you have missed out on this round of Staff Training, do not fret, we will definitely have more trainings in the near future (when the next IW is up) and make sure you sign up for that one and not miss out on the fun! 

Till then, Raleigh-ians!