On December 17th 2016, I – Anson had the privilege to organise a beach cleanup at Kelanang Beach, Kuala Langat along with the participation of the Kuala Langat Town Council, Sime Darby Property Berhad and the public.

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Around 30 volunteers from various age groups came together on this Saturday morning to contribute back to the environment. After I briefed everyone about the agenda and safety reminders, we started our cleaning duties in two separate groups. The sun was surprisingly kind to us on that day, letting us work under cooler conditions while enjoying the sea side view.

We separated the recyclable items such as bottles, papers and tins from the rest of the garbage. After two hours of cleaning up, we decided to called it a day as we covered a significant area of the beach. In the end, we collected a total of 6 bags of garbage and 2 bags of recyclables and everyone was happy yet tired at that time.

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At about 11.30am, we head off to Morib Beach, which was only a 10-minute drive away to have our lunch. Here I had the chance to talk with the staff and participants and had the opportunity to exchange our stories with each other. Although we are all from different backgrounds and religions, we echoed the same stand on environment protection and conservation.

It was overwhelming to see all of us being passionate about our beaches and volunteered to protect it although we hardly know each other before this activity. Also, every participant got the opportunity to mingle and learn with each other. I am blessed to meet many amazing people like Ms. Fiza, Ms. Nura, Raj and others through this activity. I hope more people will realize that we can and should make a difference, no matter big or small, towards the environment.

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Written by Liow En Xian.