MM SEP 17: Kechara Food Bank

Wednesday, 13-9-2017

By: Kerwin Tong

Collecting daily necessity to be distributed from Kechara Food Bank

Starting off this weekend morning a bit differently from the usual days by joining Raleigh KL September monthly meet. This month activity got us nearer to the community and there we went, heading to Kechara Soup Kitchen office in Imbi, KL to involve ourselves in Kechara Food Bank food delivery to the needy. We were greeted by Mr Justin Cheah (Project Director in Kechara), who then gave us some brief introduction about the organisation, followed by a short tour in their store where all the dry food stocks are neatly arranged in racks, with each and every goods complete with barcode to ease their tracking system. Clad in Kechara striking red T-shirt, we were ready to head off to respective houses and start the day! Our task is rather simple: to deliver food readily packed by Kechara to the hands of needy families, understanding their living condition and last but not least, enquiring if they have any wish list. Stepping into dwellings of the less fortunate reminded me of how blessed we are to have sufficient life basics. Learn to appreciate and be thankful for what we have instead of ruining life with grumbles and complaints. The greatest way to live is indeed to live a moderate way and at the same time, not forgetting to give back to the society. To top it all, what’s greater than getting to know a bunch of like-minded people who share the same heart and enthusiasm about the community, environment and adventure!

Sucessful delivery to two of the many recipient.