Dream it Do it

Tuesday, 10-10-2017

Writen by: Nóra Taliga



A worshop about Communication & Entrepreneurship

A workshop about You, your skills and capabilities, your desires and possibilities, aiming to help you to strengthen your ideas on communication & entrepreneurship.

An interactive workshop, where you’ll not only listen, but take actions and experience. What?



Trap of pattern.

Sources of successes.




Goal settings.

Ideas & opportunity.




Taking action.




With mindfulness.

With experiencing.

With exploration.

With learning by doing.

With movement.


Prepare to a thought-provoking session facilitated by a Hungarian trainer, Nóra Taliga.


Facilitator Bio

A simple girl from Hungary: trainer, adventurer, life-lover, dreamer and fighter! Having traveled all over Europe, having participated & facilitated many trainings & workshops she gained experience in many fields. She is an enthusiastic volunteer wanting to share her knowledge & experience with all people who wants to do something meaningful in their life. Now, the first time in Asia!  "I believe that everyone has the right to be happy and everyone has the responsibility for his/her own happiness. We can to dream small or dream big, but for sure we have to go for our dreams! There is not really impossible! :)"


Date: 31th October 2017
Location Meet Up: TTDI MRT Station
Time Meet Up: 7:30pm
Event Time: 7:30pm- 11:00pm
Fees: RM10

Fees includes light snacks, (transportation to workshop location) and tons of fun!

Sign up here now: https://goo.gl/forms/gtXct5cZBKlHFL3p1


Email pr@raleighinternational.org.my 


Whatsapp 016-667-1898 JJ, for more info.