MM NOV 17: Waterfall Cleanup and Short Trek at Pisang Falls

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

By Rosemary Kong

Hiking to the meeting point.

As usual, RIKL organized another monthly meet on 4 Nov 2017 at Pisang Falls. I still remember it’s quite a cloudy day. However, we moved on once all the participant were gathered at the meeting point. Along the journey to the Pisang Falls entrance, I was quite surprised because the place is quite secluded although it’s near the highway. Upon arrival, we hiked until the front tunnel and grouped up for the ice-breaking session. During the games, we were thrilled to know each other and starting to get hype up so that we don’t get the penalty. It’s a fun moment with awesome people.

Playing evolution game during the ice-braking session. Hyper mode on!

Once done, we were then briefed by Shen on safety precautions before hiking up to Pisang Falls. When we were going thru the tunnel, it was very dark and I kinda feel like those adventures to nowhere. Somehow, it reminded me of a movie named Jumanji. During the hike, few of us get leeched since the surroundings were wet and damp. But worry not, there is always a friend who love to flick these leeches. After a while, we arrived at the Pisang Falls. It was so mesmerizing and sure looks fun to swim around. But first, let’s clean the area before indulging the cool and refreshing freshwater.

Behold, the Pisang Falls. Such a beauty!

We were divided into three groups to clean up different camping area. Can you imagine the rubbish around? It was quite a lot rubbish was left behind in a secluded area where it is hard to reach. But yea, with determination and the love of nature, few of our colleagues went thru the bushes and pass it on to the other to collect. This is really a great time spent with all of the participants as teamwork exist although it’s raining at that time. After all the hard work done, we took the rubbish down with us and regroup at the Pisang Falls area.

Cleaning the camp area.

While chilling at the waterfall, we also had our snack time. Few participants began to swim around. Whilst the others stood under the waterfall stream to get a water massage. I tried it and the feeling was sensational (aaaaa~ *inner voice). There is also abseiling next to the waterfall but it is not recommended as we don’t have the full safety gear, plus, it was raining too. Following that, we finished up our waterfall session and hike our way out by bringing 10 plastic bags full of rubbish. It’s a sweet victory as we able to sustain the small stuff by being part of Raleigh!

A group photo is a must!

Before we ended our day, Raleigh KL provided info on its aim and encouraged young people to get out there to be part of society. As typical idioms stated, life is not about receiving, but also giving. Alright folks, see you guys in the next De MM story. Do join us for Dec MM and don’t forget to sign up for Dec Introduction Weekend too!