AGM 17/18 – It is a wrap!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Written by Carrot Ho

"It's not a Raleigh event if it doesn't comes witha group picture."

Dear Raleighians!


It has been a great term for Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur! Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM term 2017/2018 on the 24th June 2018. The number of people turned up for the AGM reflects the great progress of the organisation.


There were many interesting events that happened in the previous term! Our very first annual report of Raleigh KL been produced by the team, thanks to the sponsors of the book REVOPRINT , thanks to all the content contributors and last but not least the 3 main editors/creators of the book, namely Wong Poh Yoke (currently at expedition as you are reading this statement), Yong Jun Jie and Yim Hor Yew!


*REVOPRINT - ,visit for quality and reasonable printing price!


Please find the softcopy here for your reading pleasure.


On behalf of the outgoing committee members, we expressed our highest appreciation for be with the organisation, witnessed and helped the organisation in growing positively in terms of membership, our activities (Monthly Meetings), Introduction Weekends, special projects and not forgetting our Raleigh International Expedition!  All these events could not be successful without the support and help not only from the committee, but also every single one of you whom participated and helped us throughout the term.


During the AGM term 2017/2018, we proposed two new resolutions in the organisation and all the resolutions were passed by majority.


1)  Proposal to have a credit system for members/alumni to join Raleigh International expedition or Raleigh International related activities. We will have a test period for 2 terms, and will review the mechanism by end of term 2019/2020.


2) Proposal to have a formalized board of advisors.

To have a structured board of advisors in Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur


3)Proposal of constitution amendment of the clause 15.3.3

We also proposed to have constitution amendment for the money matters. Motion were agreed too with majority of the attended members.


15.3.3 Equivalent to or more than Ringgit Malaysia Five Thousand only (RM5, 000) at any one time to be approved by members at a General Meeting.


We would like to propose for the amendment of section 15.3.3 stated above, which is to increase the original RM5,000 to RM10,000.


Committee members of term 18/19 were elected. List as below:


1) President: Carrot Ho Chung Shin

2) Secretary: Rosemary Kong

3) Secretary 2: Tan June Yin

4) Treasurer: Choo Geng Qian (will be replaced by Michelle Tan Yen Zie) *refer to note below

5) Public Relations Officer: Tan Zhi Ying

6) Public Relations Officer: Yong Jun Jie

7) Logistic Officer: -

8) Fundraising Officer: Tam Kar Lye

9) Introduction Weekend Officer: Ng Shea Shin

10) Expedition Officer: Loo Shen Quang

11) Projects Officer: Marble Tan Hock Soon

12) Special Skills Officer: Fatienimastulain (Ain)


Note *

Choo Geng Qian resigned as treasurer of Raleigh International KL Term 18/19 on 30th June 2018. The reason is due to constitution constraint, we need to elect a person to the Treasurer role in order to make sure the AGM of 17/18 were legit.


Two auditors were appointed for auditing the account for the term 18/19. They are Billy Yong Kiean Wing and Chew Chern Ta.


Therefore, it is a wrap for AGM 17/18! Thanks again to the organising committee Yim Hor Yew, Hii Ning and our emcee, Sabrina.


Carrot Ho

President of Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur

Committee term 17/18