Tet Sean's Fundraising Journey

We asked how Venturer 15D&I Tet Sean did on his fundraising and here's what he has got to say about it:

How I got this idea to raise funds during the Swinburne University Annual Carnival was actually from my brother’s high school carnival I attended many years back. A teacher built a similar contraption and it inspired me to build something similar with some modifications. And of course, I thought what better way to attract people to my booth than giving the public a chance to drench me in water-filled balloons. How it works is basically when the ball hits the target, the board screwed with sharp screws will fall and burst the balloon hanging from the net.

 I personally think it went well but thought that I could’ve gotten more people to play if it wasn’t for the rain. Also, there were baked goods made by a friend of mine for sale such as cookies and cakes to accompany the game. All the wood you see on the contraption is picked up from a construction site rubbish pile or broken table desks that were thrown away. I got help from my landlord in constructing it because he has all the necessary tools for the job and it wouldn’t be possible without him. Furthermore, two of my good friends assisted me at my booth during the carnival to help collect money and sell the bake goods. I sure hope my fundraising idea will help other fellow venturers to think of new ways to raise funds. I am extremely grateful for all the support I received during this fundraising event and I’d to thank everyone for being a part of it.




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