Semai for a Day

Date: 12 January 2018

Written by: Tam Kar Lye

This fundraising event is an effort to fundraise for 3 potential venturers from Kampung Ulu Tual for the forthcoming Spring2018 expedition in Borneo. You will be able to experience "a day in the life of the Semai" and learn about their culture, way of life in this short trip. This trip is also a community effort planned by the local community, Raleigh KL and external volunteers! 

Date : 27th – 28th Jan 2018
Meet up time : 6.15am
Location : Kampung Ulu Tual, Pahang.
Transport : Own transportation.
Meet up point : Gombak LRT Station


Register here now to confirm your slot, ONLY 15 places available!



27th Jan (programme subjected to change)



06.15 am

06.30 am

08:00 am


Gather at Gombak LRT Station

Depart to Raub for breakfast

Gather at Ratha Curry Fish Head for breakfast.



Proceed to drive into Kampung Ulu Tual.


11:00 am

Arrival at Kampung Ulu Tual.

-          Park cars at the designated location.

-          Participants walk down to Pusat Didikan Komuniti Cenwaey Penaney (PDKCP).



11:15 am


Mini ice break: introduce name and where you’re from.

Split into 5 groups (estimated 30 pax)

-          Each group led by 2 village youths and 1 Raleigh volunteer.


12:00 pm

Lunch prepared by villagers.


12:30 pm

Look for tapioca


01:00 pm

Depart to next activity site.

-          About 20 minutes’ walk.

-          Carry the tapioca to the site.


01:30 pm

Arrive at site. 3 activities facilitated by leaders of each group.

1)    Building shelter

2)    Making fire

3)    Demonstration of animal traps


03:30 pm

Finish all 3 activities.

Eat tapioca, tea time and mandi sungai.

-          Safety briefing prior to mandi sungai.


04:00 pm

Pack up and head back to PDK.


04:30 pm

Change of clothes and freshen up


04:45 pm

Gather at PDK for debriefing

-          Group picture.

05:45 pm

Depart from Kampung Ulu Tual.


06:00 pm

Free and easy

07:00 pm



08:00 pm

Cultural activity, storytelling / sewang – to be confirmed.


10:30 pm

Lights out



28th Jan (programme subjected to change)

06:30 am

Wake up call


07:00 am



08:00 am

Move to waterfall


09:00 am

Arrival at waterfall + free and easy


12:00 pm



02:00 pm

Depart from waterfall to PDK.


03:00 pm


Wash up and get ready to leave.

04:30 pm

Depart from kampung.





  • Raincoat (must).
  • Addidas kampung / strap shoes
  • Walking / hiking boots.
  • 5L drinking water x2.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Sun block.
  • Personal medication and medical kit.
  • Clothes (at least one pair of long trousers).
  • Day pack.
  • Torch and spare batteries.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Sleeping mat.
  • Swimming apparel
  • Whistle



  • Do not wonder off without any supervision.
  • Do not go to deep areas or areas where current is strong.
  • Inform a youth if you would like to go anywhere.


Payment Details

Make payment via online transfer or bank in to
Beneficiary bank: CIMB Bank Berhad (KLCC Branch)
Account name: Pertubuhan Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur
Account number: 800-106-7937
Take a photo of bank in slip / show us a copy of receipt and send it to for confirmation once your payment done.
Raleigh will reply your email as confirmation for your slot!
Arrive on time on the day and remember to bring your big big smile together =)

Please contact for more information.