Appreciation Post to Raleigh Borneo

Saturday, 22 September 2018

By Tan Zhi Ying

Since 1987, Raleigh Borneo has partnered with over 6,000 youths from Malaysia and across the world to make meaningful and sustainable change to the communities in Sabah. In October 2018, following extensive research and analysis, Raleigh Borneo has decided to cease it's expedition operations in Sabah. 

Over the years, Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur (RIKL) has supported many venturers from Peninsular Malaysia to embark on an expedition journey to Sabah and it has definitely been a life changing experience for them. As we bid farewell to Raleigh Borneo, our past venturers would like to share and extend their appreciation to Raleigh Borneo for the work that they have done in Sabah for the past 31 years.


Michelle Yap, 97G

"My journey with Raleigh began in 1997 and it hasn't stopped! They say adversity builds character, and I couldn't agree more. From learning to be really hands-on in construction activities (I became so good in removing nails because I didn't get them straight the first time), adapting to basic living conditions (ahh, the open roofed shower) to stretching one's limits on trekking phase, the experience was indeed priceless. 

The Raleigh experience taught me to be more open to different views, to be prepared to listen and find common ground. And of course, being in such pristine parts of the jungle, who can forget the chirping of the crickets and the orchestra of frogs to lull one to sleep. It's truly unforgettable. Huge thank you to Raleigh Borneo for your work!"

Aida Rahman, 98I (Borneo) & 03A (Chile)
"My three phases were Gunung Tingkar - Temburung - Kampung Tongod. What a life changing experience! Every leech, all the blood sweat and tears, one set of dry clothes and one set of day (wet) clothes for trekking phase and those days where Milo was treated like gold. When it rains, that's when long drops turn to short plops, so watch out for the backsplashes!

As if Borneo was not challenging enough, Chile was my next destination. Both expeditions were tough, but I supposed I got tougher. We all did. Would I do it again? Definitely. And it all started in Borneo - thank you Raleigh Borneo for everything!"

Choo Geng Qian, 10D & 12D

"Raleigh has given me so much more than I'd have expected: once in a lifetime experience, friends whom I can call family and the ability to push myself forward. It's sad to learn the news of the exit of Raleigh Borneo, but hey, once a Raleighian, forever a Raleighian. I know whenever I miss my times at Raleigh, I ring someone from my contact. Never goodbye, always see you later. See you later, mate!"

Heng Yen Wen, 10J

"Thank you for the unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience. The expedition has taught me how to appreciate the simplest things I take for granted eg: clean water; it has taught me the value of friendship; the spirit to keep it going and to never give up. It has pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and showed me the endless possibilities just as long as I keep fighting. Thank you for the painful but sweetest, most amazing memory one can ever asked for."

Loo Shen Quang, 10J

"It is a difficult feeling to describe as you go through your expedition photos once again, knowing that you went through a Raleigh Expedition. Looking back now, feeling that it was still one of your greatest masterpieces you carved out in this tiny world. Everything in hindsight, as though these pieces, torn or perfect as they maybe, looks perfectly in place, to know that you stand now because of these perfectly imperfect puzzles.

Maybe, just maybe, something changed in your heart that day, knowing full well that you are made up of your tiny daily experiences, making you who you are. You, as will I, will move forward in this world, doing our very best for it because we know that we are standing on a firm foundation built through this special bond we call Raleigh Expedition. Thank you, Raleigh Borneo."

Pipo Chew YY, 11D

"Get Out There with Raleigh Borneo 11D was truly the time of my life! From learning to appreciate basic necessities like clean water, shelter, electricity to crackers, longs o'clock, doxy time and iced gems snack time, thank you Raleigh Borneo, thank you everyone in 11D for this awesome chapter and memories in my life."

Ng Li Shan, 14E

"Challenging, exciting, adventurous, freaking awesome! These are a few of the many descriptions I have for Raleigh Borneo's expedition. One of the wisest choice I ever made in my entire life is to embark on this 10 weeks expedition that taught me what I could never learn in classrooms and offices. Forever thankful for what Raleigh Borneo could offer an 18 year old child back then!"

Yim Hor Yew, 16A

"I am grateful that I was given the privilege to join an expedition in Borneo. It was definitely an eye opener to the 17-year-old me. I met awesome people, learned about the community and the jungle, had lots of great time and developed myself to be a stronger individual. Thank you Raleigh Borneo 16A!"


Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Raleigh Borneo for your amazing job and contribution. The baton to continue the legacy in Malaysia has been passed down to Raleigh Malaysia (formed by Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur & Raleigh Sabah Society). We are very excited for the journey ahead and stay tuned for our upcoming activities! 


PS: Click here to meet Raleigh Malaysia!